A new constellation in the firmament :

The five stars being four singers and a pianist.
Those artists aim to revive vocal salon music, rarely performed in concert by a fixed ensemble although the works really deserve being presented to the audience.
It was high time to remedy the situation.
In the 19th century, choral life (whether professional or amateur) boomed and composers at that time wrote a lot of polyphonic music.
Parallel with choral music, a large repertoire for soloists and piano developed : duos, trios and quartets.
The best example being Schubert's Viennese " Schubertiades"
But composers like Brahms and Schuman demand a level by far outreaching the possiblities of burgher salon music for which the works had originally been written.

VOCAMABILE devote themselves to the interpretation of that repertoire, in which the lyrics- most of them written by great romantic poets- ought not to be overlooked.

Comments and translations of the lyrics are available.

Obviously, Vocamabile's repertoire consists mainly of Romantic Quartets, but other suggestions are offered.

   - Spanisches Liederspiel by Robert Schumann
   - Liebeslieder-Walzer and Zigeunerlieder by Johannes Brahms
   - From Jewish Folk Poetry by Dmitri Shostakovich

   - Several Quartets by F. Schubert, J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, J. Brahms, G. Fauré and G. Rossini
   - Christmas, New Year or Easter programmes

   - Popular tunes from musicals or operettas by L. Bernstein, C. Williams, A.L. Webber, J. Offenbach, G. Gershwin, G. Gould, J. Strauss, F. Lehar, R. Benatzky, C-M. Schönberg

Quartets can also become trios, duos or solos in order to make programmes more varied.

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Bruno De Jonghe - Evelyne Bohen - Helene Luyten - Inez Carsauw - Robert Luts